Knut Blixe Valberg

Knut Blixe Valberg has worked as a photographer and illustrator for several years.   Based in Bodø, Norway.       

Member of Norwegian Society of Photography and represented in their Yearbook 2010. He is also represented in Fotografregisteret (Norge) (Preus museum). Member of Oslo Kameraklubb.

Contributions with illustrations and photos to textbooks and brochures for GAN publishing house, Aschehoug and Gyldendal publishing houses, The Norwegian Directorate of Agriculture and  NRK

Board member of Norwegian agricultural journalists (NLJ) with IFAJ international press card.

Tripple winner of the IFAJ ( International Federation of Agricultural Journalists ) Star Prize. New Zealand, South Africa and USA. 

Photographer in his own book "Double horizon" from 2018

"Valbergs  photos has both a technical excellence and a profound intimacy.” -  Jim Patrico

Knut Valberg reveals the power of photography to connect viewers to the subject and tell a story not just with facts, but with emotion ” -  Steve Werblow


It is possible to order both illustrations, photographs and arrange a photoshoot with images of your choice e.g. cityscape, nature, girlfriend, boyfriend, wedding and children's photography. Please write a few words to my email:


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