Knut Blixe Valberg is an award-winning photographer whose images have been published both in Norway and internationally.

Two times overall winner of  the International Federation of Agricultural Journalists (IFAJ) Star Prize for Photography, the organization’s honor for the best image in its worldwide competition. (Wellington, New Zealand and Bloomington, United States )

Illustrator and photographer for several books, textbooks and magazines with a.o. Landbruksforlaget, GAN-forlag, Aschehoug, and Landbruksforlaget.

Registered in Norwegian Photographer museum PREUS and photos in NSFF ( Norsk selskap for Fotografi) yearbook.

Valbergs photos is often used by newspapers both local and national, and his works are often used by NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation).

Author and photographer of the photo art-book "Double horizon" in 2018.

“Knut Valberg’s photos reveals the power of photography to connect viewers to the subject and tell a story not just with facts, but with emotion." “His photos stand out in its ability to pull viewers into the scene with their hearts as well as with their eyes.”  

- Steve Werblow

"Knut Valberg's photos  has both  technical excellence and a profound intimacy"

- Jim Patrico

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